Wedding Photography – 5 Tips for a Gay Wedding Photographer

gay wedding photographerNeed a little help covering your first gay wedding? Look no further than this!

Covering a wedding is a question you can easily find on the search engines and for the professional gay wedding photographer, any information can make a difference between good photographs and bad ones.

  • Always Make a Plan (Shot List)

One of the most helpful tip when covering any wedding is to plan ahead. Both you and the couple should envision how you want the album looking after the wedding. Try planning the shots and compile a list of pictures you hope to have taken on the day of the wedding. During the wedding, this list can come in handy as you can just tick the shots you have already taken and track those that are yet to be covered.

  • Get the Wedding Coordinator Involved

Sometimes, the wedding couple plan the entire wedding themselves and live the actual coordination of the wedding events to either family members or close friends. On the other hand, you have couples that hire wedding planners to take care of the little details. Regardless of the person coordinating the wedding, what you ought to do is get them involved on the wedding day to make it easier to get the shots you need.

The help of the wedding coordinator is very important especially when you want to get family photographs taken. The wedding coordinator stands a better chance of getting everyone organized and where you want them at the end of the day.

  • Take a look at the location of the wedding

There is no way you will be able to tell the prime spots for taking pictures at the wedding if you never took the time out to explore.  There are a lot of things the gay wedding photographer like take note of from the lighting to the sun’s reflection. These things have a way of affecting how the pictures turn out. To better equip yourself with the right knowledge, make a visit to the location of the wedding and study the layout of the place. You can prevent yourself from making unnecessary mistakes and take advantage of foresight for the best pictures.

  • How Prepared are You?

In wedding photography nothing spells disaster like “unpreparedness”. If you fail to prepare yourself for all possible circumstances you may face, then it is quite obvious you are setting yourself up for failure. A lot of things can go wrong on the day of the wedding so be prepared. Always have a backup plan in mind incase your batteries do not last, a memory card suddenly develops wings or bad weather might tamper with the state of the images.

  • Set Realistic Expectations

Do not set a milestone that you cannot achieve. When discussing with the couple about the possible concepts you have in mind for their wedding, make sure you explain it to them in detail. Never allow the couple leave your studio or presence thinking you are going to deliver heaven when you actually have a plan to deliver earth. The more upfront you are about wat your presence as the gay wedding photographer will bring, the easier it is to avoid trouble in future.

The Don’ts You Never Knew About Wedding Photography

wedding photographers PortsmouthFinding the right wedding photographers Portsmouth is important. Knowing how to deal with them will also impact the results of your wedding pictures. But what are the things that you might have been misinformed about? The Internet is full of advice and must-dos that are apparently sourced from non-professionals.

Before you piss your photographer off or regret your decision, read on to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Stop using shotlist

As many articles mention about using shotlist, it seems to be used abusively by many. Shotlist now means you write down all the detailed objects and people that have to be captured. Well, now, it’s just beyond the wrong thing to do.

Requests from clients are hard to reject. Especially when photographers don’t want to seem like they don’t care or risk it, but simply want the best for them without trying to look offensive. A shotlist that contains such a long bullet list of what to shoot isn’t a good thing.

Photographer has to remain focused on their job and shouldn’t be bothered with trying to check on his list every now and then. It’ll distract them when they have to shoot on the go because the party goes on around them. They are also experienced and professional photographers who have memorized the things they need to shoot without having it to be listed on a piece of paper.

The cheap photographer will do

Wedding photography is a job that requires high specialty. One is entrusted not just to take the pictures, but to also edit, choose, arrange and deliver wedding albums to clients. says that the job of wedding photographers Portsmouth is hard labor. You’ll have sleepless nights sometimes because you have to edit hard to reach the due date.

Any cheap photographer will still be able to take pictures. But, you know that you’re getting what you paid for; you cannot expect for all of them to be decent. Some photographers just don’t have that editing skills and we can’t give you a number to rely on. You know when you look at them if they’re professionals, or simply businessmen.

Don’t wait to look

Wedding photographers won’t wait for you to book them. A lot of other couples are also looking for the right photographer and you don’t want to run out of professionals. Book as early as one to two years ahead, as that’s also what others do.

When you and partner have already committed to the date of the wedding, you can already start looking for your photographer. There’s also the possibility that you might want to hire someone outside the town. If that’s the case, dealing with it earlier will give you more time to think and decide on your photographer.

Remember that wedding photographers Portsmouth will only do their best if their clients can support and believe them too. There are a lot of reasons why one can end up disappointed and that’s to be expected. Hiring a cheap photographer and not planning it early are just two factors that can cause this. There are still many more, but these three are the most important factors to be reminded of.

Preparing for Wedding Photography: Bright and Dark

wedding photographer CheshireFor a photographer, lighting is one of the biggest factors that will determine the result of the picture. Heck, it can be said as the most important one because without light, there’ll be no shape, no colors, and nothing will be produced. Understanding how to use light to capture the pictures that you want is important

Yet, as a wedding photographer Cheshire, it’s not a factor that you can often alter. Depending on the weather conditions and wedding venue, you’ll have to make do with what you have. What, then, can you do about it?

Bring lighting equipment

Flash is the most obvious thing that comes to mind if you need to light things up. It’s also important even in the brightest condition to counter shadows that become clearer. Depending on the situation, you can use flash in a lot of ways and it’ll be great to also always have a flash diffuser.

The intensity of flash can be reduced with a diffuser, which will create just enough light on the subject, but not too bright to create a black hole in it. You will also need a secondary lighting equipment, such as a speedlight or a video light. Both do good in lighting up a big space from a different direction. Buying ones that turn on the moment you push the shutter is also a good idea.


Reflectors are great equipment to use as it allows you to preserve natural lighting without having to flash on your subject. Depending on the material of reflectors, you can create a shiny, or soft reflection on the skin of your subjects. Learn to choose the right colors in the right condition against different skin tones. mentions that the use of reflectors is always better than flash during his work as a wedding photographer Cheshire. Even though sometimes, he has to use both of them when shadows are really bad.

Complete shadow

It’ll be bad if the shadow is only cast on small parts of the body, such as under the eye and several creases on the dress and tuxedo. But, during golden hours, the shadow becomes overwhelmingly beautiful. There’s no need to try to go against the shadow; capture everything in their darkest pleasure. Shoot several silhouette pictures of the time.

Make sure that the shadow is really dark and black and focus on the light behind, not on the subject. This will let the camera think that there’s too much light and that it has to darken the overall picture.

Find natural, artificial lighting

Street lamps are a good example. If your lighting kit isn’t enough to brighten things up, look for sources of light from the outdoors. Make use of them and at times, you don’t have to try hard to create some clear pictures, but rather just shoot with it.

Shooting indoor is also another thing you can do. If the outside gets too dark and you’ve taken enough pictures, move in to have more taken. You don’t have to think that the couples ‘want a lot of pictures with their faces in it’. The hired you because they ‘want beautiful pictures of their wedding day taken in the style of their wedding photographer Cheshire’.

Aesthetic and Candid: Styles of Wedding Photography

wedding photographer South WalesThis time, we’d like to introduce our readers to the various styles of wedding photography. While photography has branched to a lot of style and technique of editing, there is only a few that customers who booked wedding photography loved. These are also styles that you’ll frequently encounter when searching for wedding photographers South Wales.

Whether it’s colorful, aesthetic, or simple candid black & white, we ought to know what those are and why they matter. It will help to lead us in finding the right person for the job.

Candid, black and white

This seems to be a common theme in wedding photography and we can’t explain why we like it. Although some of us can feel it already. That’s right, this is a very timeless theme and due to the fact that there is no color present, aesthetically beautiful isn’t the forte of this style.

It’s often used in reportage, which is originally something that photographers first emerged to do. To take proofs of historical events, to report and document them for the future to see. That is also what couples have in mind when they hire a photographer, to get enough pictures of that day to be kept for themselves and their future generations to see.

Yet, you shouldn’t easily conclude that reportage can only be done with candid, black and white technique. It’s not about the appearance of the picture, but rather how the pictures and the story is presented.

Natural wedding photography

This is quite a simple style. It originally means that those pictures are taken without obstructing and or faking the condition. As it says, the pictures are taken naturally as you and your partner walk through the park or the aisle. Kate Adams is one of the wedding photographers South Wales who does this and you can see aesthetic works of hers at

This is actually the quality of a must-have picture your photographer has. If he cannot take pictures without trying to look like he’s forcing the people in there to smile, there’s no point of even know more about him. Natural is a must and Kate Adams does it the best because even the posed pictures looked so natural. It’s one of the hardest feats to beat and she did it.

Fine art photography

This is a rather newcomer, but fine art can be easily definite as those that view the aesthetic value of a picture. The photographer will focus on the beauty of the picture and will direct you to achieve that. It’s easier to achieve through formal and posed pictures, such as the ones you will be taking around the wedding venue.

The original fine art doesn’t look ‘pretty’, but rather visually satisfying for the photographer. But in the world of wedding photography, wedding photographers South Wales refer fine art as the way to capture the beauty of the moment, where the beauty is in the eye of you, the ones who will be receiving the pictures.

Kate Adams style is also similar to fine art as you can see how the color palette she chose were very vibrant and satisfying to see. They looked awfully stunning and beautiful enough to be used as a wallpaper.

Photographer: Too Important to Not Have

photographer HampshireAmong so many things that have to be prepared for the wedding, photographer Hampshire is something that we would not want you to forget. It’s not because we’re pro with wedding photographer, but to help you realize something that you’ll regret very much in the future.

There are things that may not seem to matter much now but will have accrued value very far in the future. You don’t know when you’ll show those cute pictures to your sons and daughters. You don’t know when you’ll have it put on your 50th-anniversary slideshows. And then as time goes by, your grandchildren will come up to you and ask about how marriage looked like then.


The value that your wedding album stores will only go up as time goes by. Eventually, it becomes something irreplaceable. There are pictures of many important people in your life; your parents, your best friends, your in-laws and most importantly, the start of a new journey.

How much will you have to pay if you want your wedding pictures again in the future? Not even $100,000 can bring you back to that moment to snap these moments in eternity. Hiring a wedding photographer is not just for fun; it’s a very important matter that will determine this high-value thing.

Beautiful, treasure-worthy pictures

We know that there would be countless guests there that will be taking pictures of you and your partner. Maybe your parents will learn as much as possible how to take pictures so that they can take some themselves.

But, do note that a professional photographer Hampshire from can do so much more than just taking pictures. They even excel at it because they have the eyes that know which angle will make them look best and the agility to do it. Surely, you wouldn’t want to see your parents running here and there just to take several pictures of yours, right?

They will not only present you the raw (unedited, fresh from the camera) pictures. They’ll also edit at least some of them that will be featured in the wedding album to your liking at to fit in the theme of the album. Next, they will pack in in a beautiful box together with the drive that is filled with hundreds of digital pictures of your wedding.

There’s no need to doubt it as everything will be stated in the contract to assure you that they will perform their job carefully.

Full coverage

Your photographer is there especially to cover all parts of the party. They won’t be wasting time greeting friends and family members like how it will happen if you have your cousin do the job. They will get on with the work and remain quiet in the background to snap everything that happens. You won’t even notice him taking a picture behind you!

Your photographer Hampshire understands that this is a very special day and moment. You will be treasuring this day like no others and your photographer will be working hard to reach that point. Professionals especially understand that this is not just about taking pictures; it’s about creating memories of your happiest day in your life.

Real Tips for Wedding Photographers: The Beginning

wedding photographer jacksonville flThere are no more important steps in life than the first ones. How you start the game will determine much how it will end. As such, it is also important that you know how to begin your wedding photographer Jacksonville FL career the right way.

Have some confidence in yourself

Believing in your skills is an important aspect of people that work for themselves. Having confidence will help you focus on your job. Many people who are nervous about their first time working mess up from being unable to concentrate. If clients can trust you enough to hire you, then you should also need to believe in yourself that you can do it.

One of the ways to gain confidence is also to have proper preparation beforehand, which includes reading up guides like this article.

Learn how to differentiate yourself

You need to always have some pictures or portfolios ready for clients to see. As someone who has just started, you might not have that much to show, to begin with, but with these several pictures, tell your clients about your style and what makes it different.

Down the road, you’ll be able to let people distinguish you better as you stay consistent with your style and method. Being consistent is a hard thing in this world where trends continue to demand photographers to provide their clients with trending wedding pictures. But it will pay-off in the long run as you will be recognized as a professional wedding photographer Jacksonville FL.

Discuss with your client

There are too many photographers who don’t think consultation is important. Because all we do is only to take pictures, just make sure that we don’t miss a thing and snap everything. Is that really it?

You may have your own style, but you will agree if you have a different purpose, your way of photographing will change. Just like that, understanding the sentiment of your clients behind the wedding party; the decoration, bouquet, table arrangement, and even dress code, will help you decide what kind of pictures do you want to take.

Always make sure that you always meet up with your potential clients and listen out. Know what their main concern is and provide answers beforehand that will help you respond accordingly on the consultation day.

Focus on investing in your clients personally

Personally means you need to spend some time with them as a friend. Try to get to know about them more. Close the gap between the both of you because it will affect how the pictures you take will look like. Taking pictures with someone you are familiar with will give you more freedom to express yourself, and that is your purpose here.

Don’t pose them

During the ceremony and reception, never tell them to stop and smile at the camera. Posing in the middle of a conversation is just rude and awkward. This will result in unnatural pictures.

As much as possible, remain in the dark and behind the screen when you take pictures. Blend in with the crowd and don’t make a scene. Don’t attract unnecessary attention while still keeping your eyes and intuition sharp to expect for things to happen and have your cameras always ready to capture them.

Well-Constructed Wedding Video Tips

wedding video WaterfordWedding videos require a lot of preparation. You can be shooting really long video only to end up removing 80% of the footage. This takes up a lot of memory and batteries and you risk losing your work in the middle of the job if suddenly the battery is out or no more space left on the memory card.

That is why you need to plan and know the tips before jumping into the crowd. Proper planning will save you a lot of time and prevent problems. The editing process will be smoothened if you learn to shoot properly.

Essential equipment to have

Four basic equipment to shoot wedding video Waterford are camera, a tripod, a microphone, and on-camera lights. You obviously need batteries and memory cards, which don’t even worth mentioning because that’s just common sense.

Being fully prepared is important as any one of that equipment may fail to work anytime, so always have a spare camera, batteries, memory cards, and lights. Wireless microphones are also great to have, although they are a pretty expensive investment to have.

Rehearse with clients

You need to plan properly because you cannot risk running around with your camera and tripod trying to find the right place. Know where and how the bride and groom will stand during the ceremony, as well as where you should position the camera to get the best shot can be done during rehearsal. While they may change the rundown, it’s always better to at least have something in mind.

On the wedding day, discuss again with your clients or the officiant how the ceremony is going to proceed. Make sure you know what’s going to happen and where to point your camera at.

Take a few b-rolls to insert in between to use for transitions in the video. B-rolls, although not essential, are important to create a wedding video Waterford ( and record everything in a wedding, although it’s only 2 hours long out of the 8-10 hours long wedding.

Learn to shoot the flowers, arrival of guests, decorations, and bonbons/souvenirs that the couple has prepared. Shoot a wide and distance look of the church and the reception hall, too.

Work with photographer

It’s almost a given that the wedding reception and ceremony will also be accompanied by a professional photographer. Work together with that person. Both of you have the same purpose with different means of doing it and there’s nothing wrong with shooting the live version of the things he’s capturing.

In fact, we all have that moment we keep in pictures that we’d want to see in a video form from time to time. Like that first kiss, first dance, and bouquet tossing parts. Wedding video Waterford definitely has to include all this and what’s more amazing that to get the same point of view as the one you saw on your album?

The reception

If you have an assistant, this is the part where you’ll need him the most. Lots of couples aren’t used to dancing. It makes them even more embarrassed than kissing in front of many, so you’ll want to remind them to not look down too much and try to enjoy the moment.

Always be on alert, cue your assistant to move around and capture the couple dancing. Make sure nothing is on your path because it’s not even hilarious if you trip and fall as you walk, trying to record the couple.

Things To Do In Advance For A Newborn Photo Shoot

Follow the light.

newborn photographyMake sure that you study it and that you assess the location, wherever you may be in. whenever you have a newborn photography Jacksonville FL style session in play, this is the first thing that you need to do. And it isn’t because you will be the one taking the shots, obviously, but it does help to have some sort of insight into the kind of location that you are in. if you are shooting at home, even more so. Your newborn photographer might ask you for preferred spots and locations and will be more than impressed with the aspect of you doing your homework about the whole lighting situation when it all comes down to it. Following the light is easy enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about the rest of the technicalities that normally come along with it because of the fact that you have a verified professional on board to get that done for you in the first place. You just need to help steer him towards the right direction and step back, knowing that you are off to a really great start for the photo session,

Clean up.

This might sound odd and not at all what you have been expecting so far but the truth of the matter is that your newborn photographer will not be cleaning up after the baby. That’s why you’re there. It doesn’t matter what your newborn photography Jacksonville FL contract details out, you can be quite rest assured of the fact that that doesn’t include cleaning up after the baby’s messes. And believe it or not, babies are bound to make messes. The scenario is that more of often than not, they will be in the nude almost all the time. There will be no diapers to “catch the fall”, so to speak and this is what you ought to be prepared for as much as you possibly can. Have your supplies ready, too. You are going to need armloads of them. Don’t be afraid to overpack a little if it means that it will put your mind at rest knowing that you have everything that you could possibly need for the up and coming photo session.

Make it cosy and comfortable.

Think about the kind of setup that your baby is accustomed to so far based on the few short days that you have had with him and make it a point go out of your way to set things up the right way. Play some soft music in the background. Make sure that the temperature is controlled. Have some plush and soft materials that will make the baby feel at ease, and so on and so forth. Things like this tend to matter a lot and this is something that you ought to try to check out as much as you possibly can when you are prepping for the upcoming photo shoot.

Pack your supplies in advance.

Have everything ready. Have the car ready if you are going somewhere that isn’t set at home. Last minute errands will delay your photo session and will result to possible challenges that you would have otherwise done away with if you only made it a point to prep better.

Time Saving Wedding Hacks

Go have a wedding scanner app installed.

wedding photographer Hertfordshire Wedding apps have overtaken the wedding industry and this is something that comes with a fairly good reason. After all, smartphones are virtually everywhere. Everyone has them and you can easily access everything right from your palms. It is the perfect solution to an otherwise time consuming and bulky alternative. Gone were the days wherein you have to have a scanner gun with you and spend hours and hours in the store just so that you will be able to get your wedding gift registry settled the right way. Most of the stores are online too so for as long as you have data access, you can even pick out your gifts right from the comforts of your own home.

Another alternative for something like this if you aren’t that much into gifts is the aspect of setting up a wedding photographer Hertfordshire fund instead. This way, your guests and the rest of your family can chip in and can contribute to your wedding photography costs which will help cushion the financial impact that this will have on your wedding budget. It is the perfect solution and brides have been taking advantage of this for the longest time running so don’t miss out on the opportunities.

Have a wedding specific email address.

Wedding correspondence can take up so much of your time and can turn out to be a tad bit too annoying most times. Having a separate email address that is created specifically for the purpose of wedding correspondence will help make things so much easier for you to manage somewhere in the process. You will be able to sign up to wedding photographer Hertfordshire newsletters and the like without the risk of spamming your main email for it once the wedding is done and over with. You can use it all throughout the time that you are setting up the wedding plans and then forget about it the moment that you are done with the wedding.

Number the RSVP cards.

This is one of the common pet peeves that brides in general have and something that you should more or less be aware of. Not all people or not all of your guests for the wedding will be keen on having their penmanship on point or anything like that and this is the main reason why numbering your RSVP cards will give you ease of access into who is replying or who is returning the RSVP cards so far. Another option would be for you to go down the electronic route so that everything has a footprint and so that you can easily track who the responses are coming from so far.

Break in your wedding shoes.

New shoes can be painful and imagine if you would have to walk around them all day in heels, no less. Break them in ahead of time so that you can walk around comfortably and enjoy your wedding day. For wedding photographer Hertfordshire shots of great bridal shoes, go visit Photography by Adelphos.

Your Guide To Planning A Wedding

Figure out what your priorities are.

wedding photographer SurreyWhen you know what they are or when you have decided on them ahead of time, you will have better things checked out at the end of the day. Priorities will serve as some sort of compass that will allow you to navigate the world of wedding planning. Yes, it can be a winding and confusing path to have to go through with but you can be rest assured of the fact that it will help you sort things out better at the end of the day. Talk to your partner about this as well. You might want to listen to what he has to say as well. Don’t take this thing lightly as much as possible. Knowing what your priorities are will ensure that you are headed somewhere in the first place. The wedding industry niche has so many specialties, styles, and so on and so forth. You will soon realize that the options will be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for at the end of the day. Figure out what wedding photographer Surrey style you would like to have or go for when you are going over the offers that you have been getting so far.

Pleasing everyone is a doomed goal.

Don’t even attempt it because it will leave you feeling exhausted and unsatisfied with the details of your wedding. This is one day that you can make all of the decisions and completely call all of the shots. You and your partner should have all of the freedom in the world to explore what options are available out there and to make things happen based on how you would like them to happen at the end of the day. Go through the wedding photographer Surrey offers that you actually like and scrap those that you don’t. It really isn’t that hard. Stop worrying too much about what your guests’ preferences are. If they support you and if they love you, they will be totally game for whatever it is that you have in store for them. They will be happy with the fact that you remembered them and that you have actually offered out the invitation to make them a part of your big and special day.

Be a team player.

Don’t be the dreaded bridezilla. No one wants to be around someone who is so overbearing and who is such a control freak. Consider the people around you as your support system that you can rely on and that you can consult every now and then whenever you are caught up in a bind and the wedding planning will be easier for you to follow through with. Have someone with you when you are assessing your wedding photographer Surrey proposals. It helps out a lot when you aren’t doing things all alone.

Focus on what are most important to you.

This way, when you are asking around or when you are looking at wedding photographer Surrey sites such as, you aren’t at a loss because of the overwhelming amount of options that you have in your hands.

Wedding Reception Tips When On A Budget

Eat family style during the reception.

Greenwich wedding photographerA family style type of setup for the catering service will help make things so much more convenient and budget friendly so this is something that you ought to try to consider as much as you possibly can. a family style type of catering spread will give your wedding reception celebration a homier feel to it. It will give people the freedom to eat as much or as little as they would like to without the pressure of a full course meal. More than that, a family style reception will cost you less money than any other type of setup so try to think about that the next time you have any doubts about the type of catering style you are planning to have at some point or so. When you have more money gathered around on the side, you might even have enough to feed vendors such as your professional Greenwich wedding photographer and planners as well as the other people that you are hiring out for their professional services for the main wedding day.

Think and act like a talent scout.

When you are assessing one Greenwich wedding photographer after the other, it is important for you to keep an analytic and critical eye on the details as much as possible. Even if you happen to like the personality of the photographer that you are currently talking to, it is important for you to withhold judgment until you actually get to see all of the options that you have up on the table so far. Thinking like a talent scout will enable you to assess the details of the offers that you have been getting more objectively and this will give you the chance to get to see things in black and white. Try to be detached when you are reviewing the details and you will have a clearer head in getting things done.

Go for creative cuisine.

Be adventurous with the type of cuisine that you are planning to include in your catering service. Go for a service who has a wide plethora of things to offer out to you and to your partner as well as to the rest of the guests during the wedding. Don’t be afraid to explore new options. Even if you aren’t completely confident about the type of food or cuisines out there, that is the main reason why taste tests are in place. You don’t have to get into anything completely blind. You can still try new things without coming with the completely unexpected during the wedding day.

Brunch is always a good thing.

There is a certain novelty in an evening wedding reception but you need to understand that you don’t really have to tie yourself down to that type of choice. Brunch can be a good thing too. It’s charming and cheeky and something that isn’t as common as a dinner. It also costs less money to orchestrate. The food choices are more diverse and you get to play around with the options you have there.

Save Wedding Planning Time Like A Pro

Glue sandpaper on your soles.

One of the biggest down sides of new high heeled shoes is that they can end up with you slipping on the floor or do something that is equally embarrassing like that and this is what you might want to opt out of and avoid as much as you possibly can. Gluing some sandpaper on your shoes will help you avoid that possibility so try to see what you can do to get this done so far. This doesn’t have to cost you anything extra and it will only literally take up roughly around a couple of minutes or so, at most. These aren’t even visible but you will figure out the kind of difference that something like this can make based on how it feels when you are taking those first few steps down the aisle so far. Getting married is bound to make you feel nervous and staying grounded and being on your feet all the time is something that will really turn out to make quite a difference to what you are trying to pull off so far at the end of the day.

Use sticky notes for seating charts.

Seating charts can be tricky in such a sense wherein people tend to be particularly picky with the kind of people that they are seated with. Although this isn’t something major for you to have to worry about with all of the wedding planning that you have to do somewhere along the way, it will pay off for you a lot in the end if you make sure that you make it a point to really pay attention to how you get people seated so far. Think about this and try to see what you can do about this. Make it a point to use sticky notes to make it convenient. You can switch up the seats at any point in time without ever having to redo the entire seating plan in the first place. Set tables out for your Lancashire wedding photographer and other vendors as well.

Give the kids an activity.

Kids can be rowdy and they can end up ruining an otherwise well planned program or sequence. One thing that you can do to go ahead and help anticipate this and take care of this ahead of time is for you to try to see if you can give them some sort of an activity. You can make it look cute, too. Have a bunch of coloring pages bound together along with a few pieces of crayons. You can even have a kids only area that they can play in so that they are out of the adults’ hairs.

Open a joint bank account.

This will take care of the inconvenience of your wedding guests not knowing who they should address the checks to. Have a joint bank account opened so that you can take care of the awkwardness of wondering whether it goes to your account or to your fiancé’s. You are going to need to pool your finances for expensive services such as the Lancashire wedding photographer you are hiring out.