SEO for Photographers: How a Wedding Photographer Can Transform the Look of Their Website

SEO for photographersWebsites are an essential tool for a wedding photographer. They serve both as portfolio and as a way to establish how the business operates. They also represent the business, and should be both informative and visually attractive.


As the website is a very important part of the business, it should always be kept up to date and fresh and this is where SEO for photographers comes in. They will always be a big part of advertising for the business, and should be dealt with as such. Here are a few ideas to transform the look of your website and make it stand out:

Keep it simple

With photography websites, you want the images to do the talking. Minimalism is a style that can be wielded to great results here. It can structure the content, making it easy and straightforward to navigate. It will also not take away from the power and quality of the photographs used. Simplicity also ensures that the visitor will be guided through the website according to the photographer’s map, easily finding all the information they need.

Stick to a theme

Organise your website according to a pre-defined theme. This makes the website feel polished and cohesive and extremely professional. Sort through the visuals you are going to use around the website according to how well they go together, and how well they represent your brand. You can also use this to put the spotlight on what kind of photography you offer whether you are a wedding photographer, portrait, landscape, newborn, all of these styles will carry their own themes and make their own impact in different ways. Capitalise on what your focus is and make sure it comes across on your website.

Add a blog

A blog will be an excellent addition to both your business and your website. It will allow you to be seen as personable and to connect with potential clients. It will also be a great way in which to display your work and advertise your services. You can expand on your skills and the packages you offer, as well as keeping everyone informed with what you are doing in terms of current projects. You can also use a blog to generate traffic to your website, through clever use of platforms and search engines. There are a lot of tips on SEO for photographers for such purpose

Revamp your about page

Potential clients will be interested in your story, in what you have to say and what makes you unique. Play with words and images here to create a colourful, concise biography. You can even add an introduction video, which is a great personal touch. Use a self-portrait that describes both you and your photography style. Make sure to imbue the text with your personality and to not overwhelm the reader with too much biography. Keep it personable and charming, and elaborate on your skills, experience. Decide on the tone you’re going for and stick to a clear-cut structure.

A website is going to be one of the most powerful tools you can wield in your business. It can also be your biggest advertisement, and your biggest hook. Make sure to keep it up the standards of your business, and profit from it.

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