How a Wedding Photographer Should Blog

Why put up a blog

wedding photography tipsIf you are seriously looking at the aspect of putting up a blog dedicated to your craft and to what you do as a professional wedding photographer, then you are off to a really good start when it all comes down to it. A blog is extremely crucial to your success as a wedding photographer because it will basically serve as your online portfolio. People will be taking a look at how you do things as a wedding photographer and they will usually take a look at the blog and base their decisions off of that if you are someone they will be willing to hire to officially cover the most important day in their lives.

Bring new potential clients

The main purpose of the blog is basically to bring new potential clients in so that they will hire you as a wedding photographer. Although what you are basically posting in your wedding photography blog are contents about your previous wedding photography clients, your main aim is to catch the attention and interest of potential clients who might be bringing in new business to your career as a professional wedding photographer. A blog is one of the most efficient marketing strategies that you will be able to employ as a Los Angeles wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you get to keep your wedding photography blog updated all of the time. Your clients need to know that you are active and that you are constantly posting new content up when it all comes down to it.

Put a vendor list

A wedding photography blog is also one of the most perfect places for you to connect with the other wedding service vendors that you happened to meet up with during the wedding event. Put in a vendor list at the bottom of your wedding photography blog and make sure that you are able to really include the names of the individual vendors as well as the live links that will lead up to their business blogs. This is a fairly small thing and this seems like something that is just being put up out of reference but this can bring in tremendously impressive results when it all comes down to it. This is something that the vendors will really get to appreciate a lot.

Most of these vendors will be more than happy to go ahead and return the favor, or even more.

Networking is a complex game but once you are able to go ahead and get things done the right way, then you have really hit the gold mine right there. It is something that you can exploit and something that will really help give your career as a wedding photographer the kind of boost that it needs to take it to the next level.

Work on your writing as much as possible.

Great content is something that will help set you apart from the rest of the other wedding photography blogs out there. Don’t pressure yourself too much into it. Do it in your own pace and focus more on the quality that you are bringing in.