How to Get Experience as a Wedding Photographer

Gain experience

wedding photography tipsAs a wedding photographer, potential clients will always be looking into what kind of experience you have before they will consider you as one of the top picks when they are out shopping for a wedding photographer to hire. Experience is extremely important because it is something that will vouch for you and pretty much tell your clients that you really are who say you are. Clients are always looking out for things to validate that you are indeed a wedding photographer who has a lot of experience tucked under your belt at the end of the day. If you are starting out with nothing on your portfolio, you will surely get a hard time trying to convince clients to book you as their wedding photographer during their wedding.

Experience is something that you should try to work on and collate first because wedding photographers who have well developed portfolios have way better chances of getting booked compared to those who do not. Growing your portfolio is something that takes time so there’s no need for you to get frustrated with yourself if you don’t have everything you need right away.

Assist in wedding events

One way for you to get experience would be to constantly look out for opportunities to assist in the wedding events of other more experienced wedding photographers. Ask them if they need an assistant. Apply as an intern or as a second wedding photographer to help the main wedding photographer cover the event. This will help you get your feet wet so that you will know what to expect when it’s your turn to start booking your own clients in wedding photography. You will not be getting the most glamorous jobs and assignments at first but at least you have somewhere solid to start. This is not something that you can rush so have patience when you are looking out for the assignments that you can work on.

Grab anything that you can, even if it’s not about wedding photography per se.

At this point in your career, any experience in photography can turn out to be quite valuable and you have something to take away from it once you are done. Be a keen observer and try to remember the things that matter when you are in these events and side gigs. Every little bit really does help and every piece of experience can go a long way.

You can also start filling up your portfolio with personal projects that you can work on.

Be creative with the material that and the concept because your portfolio will show the clients what your photography style is and what your expertise level is as a professional Seattle wedding photographer. There will be times wherein the clients won’t even reach out to you until they get to see your online portfolio and that is why this is something that’s really crucial if you would like to see your career to go places at the end of the day in this competitive niche in commercial photography.