Wedding Photography – 5 Tips for a Gay Wedding Photographer

gay wedding photographerNeed a little help covering your first gay wedding? Look no further than this!

Covering a wedding is a question you can easily find on the search engines and for the professional gay wedding photographer, any information can make a difference between good photographs and bad ones.

  • Always Make a Plan (Shot List)

One of the most helpful tip when covering any wedding is to plan ahead. Both you and the couple should envision how you want the album looking after the wedding. Try planning the shots and compile a list of pictures you hope to have taken on the day of the wedding. During the wedding, this list can come in handy as you can just tick the shots you have already taken and track those that are yet to be covered.

  • Get the Wedding Coordinator Involved

Sometimes, the wedding couple plan the entire wedding themselves and live the actual coordination of the wedding events to either family members or close friends. On the other hand, you have couples that hire wedding planners to take care of the little details. Regardless of the person coordinating the wedding, what you ought to do is get them involved on the wedding day to make it easier to get the shots you need.

The help of the wedding coordinator is very important especially when you want to get family photographs taken. The wedding coordinator stands a better chance of getting everyone organized and where you want them at the end of the day.

  • Take a look at the location of the wedding

There is no way you will be able to tell the prime spots for taking pictures at the wedding if you never took the time out to explore.  There are a lot of things the gay wedding photographer like take note of from the lighting to the sun’s reflection. These things have a way of affecting how the pictures turn out. To better equip yourself with the right knowledge, make a visit to the location of the wedding and study the layout of the place. You can prevent yourself from making unnecessary mistakes and take advantage of foresight for the best pictures.

  • How Prepared are You?

In wedding photography nothing spells disaster like “unpreparedness”. If you fail to prepare yourself for all possible circumstances you may face, then it is quite obvious you are setting yourself up for failure. A lot of things can go wrong on the day of the wedding so be prepared. Always have a backup plan in mind incase your batteries do not last, a memory card suddenly develops wings or bad weather might tamper with the state of the images.

  • Set Realistic Expectations

Do not set a milestone that you cannot achieve. When discussing with the couple about the possible concepts you have in mind for their wedding, make sure you explain it to them in detail. Never allow the couple leave your studio or presence thinking you are going to deliver heaven when you actually have a plan to deliver earth. The more upfront you are about wat your presence as the gay wedding photographer will bring, the easier it is to avoid trouble in future.

How To Cut Your Wedding Expenses Short

Grocery store finds can be useful.

gay wedding photographerYou wouldn’t believe how much stuff you can find in a wedding that can really make your wedding work out for you in all of the best ways and this is the kind of thing that you need to check out one way or the other. Make a quick visit to your local grocery store and see what is in store for you. If you are lucky or if you manage to find something that is good enough to include in your wedding celebrations, then by all means, you should try to see if you can get them from a grocery store. The finds that you will find from the groceries in and around your area can mean a lot of savings on your end and this is what you should try to check out as much as you possibly can. When you think about it, it actually starts to make perfect sense once way or the other. Think about it. You can get cake from a grocery store. You can get most of your food, actually and then you can pass it off to a discount caterer you can get it to you for a slashed price. You can even get flowers, if you want to go ahead and get it checked out. There are a lot of things that you can look into when you are thinking about trying out this cost saving solution so try to see what you can do about it one way or the other.

Improve a little on the wedding dress.

Although every bride’s fantasy would have to be to get a hotshot designer to design her wedding dress for her, this requires a lot of money and not every bride out there has that kind of money. Whether you have that kind of money or not is beside the point. Even if you do, the thing is, you don’t have to go through all of that effort just so that you can feel happy and beautiful being in the dress that you are trying to wear during the day of the wedding. An off the rack dress isn’t so bad for as long as it is something that is tastefully chosen. You can even make your own wedding dress if you have the skills and the talents for it. Another thing that you should try to go ahead and check out as well is the possibility of ordering a wedding dress online. Look in unlikely places and sites. An all white prom dress can actually work as a wedding dress and for as long as you order it well ahead of time so that you can do all of the required modifications to make it worth your while, then anything can work out. Your gay wedding photographer will love the fact that you are quirky and imaginative on the dress that you are picking out for the wedding day.

Hit the big sales.

This doesn’t just work on the wedding supplies and goods that you have to buy off of the stores. This works just as well on the wedding vendors as well. Book during the off season. Off seasons are like the open season for hiring out great wedding vendors such as a gay wedding photographer and a wedding planner.

Wear a pre-owned dress.

Do you have a wedding dress being passed around as an heirloom in the family? Go ahead and use it. Anything is workable and it will save you money in the process, too.