What My Wedding Photography Package Should Look Like

wedding photography HertfordshireWhat are inclusive and what is not in your wedding photography Hertfordshire package can be a bit confusing. There is a standard to what is usually there, but each photographer like to add something that others don’t have. You need to decide whether you want them or not, but the thing is that it’s only after you’ve gone through them you’ll know if you wanted them.

We can give you advice and perhaps, you can follow it to decide the best kind of wedding photography package for you!

Full day or 12-hour

Some people think that a 12-hour package is just as good as a full day package. But to be completely sure, a full-day package is always better. You can get charged additional hours with a 12-hour package, which may exceed your intended budget, although I won’t exceed as much as you think.

At other times, the photographer might offer you with extra hours for other occasions, like your engagement, bridal shower or a bachelor party event. If you don’t think that they are necessary, you can always ask to have more hours on your main wedding photography in exchange for those bonus hours. Some photographers are happy to do just that.

If you’re tight with budget, hiring the photographer for only one important part of the day might be your choice.

Total pictures

The total pictures written on the package isn’t important. 250+ for an 8-hour package is the very minimum because most of the time they can get up to 600 and even more pictures with it. Depending on the length of time your photographer took, you may get more or fewer pictures. But it’s best that you ask the photographer himself how many pictures he typically gets in the amount of time you hire him.

If you think that more pictures are better, you can consider booking wedding photography Hertfordshire package from www.rafeabrook.co.uk.


The number of printed pictures is also a big deal. They are the products that you can physically hold and keep. All photographers offer wedding album print service to you. They will design the look of the album and sometimes give you the option of the materials. Remember to always get a good cover material, such as leather. It will hold on much longer compared to others.

The paper used to print the pictures also need to be of high quality. At the same time, it has to be able to hold at least 75 pictures. We are 90% sure that you will ask for more, especially if you hire the photographer for 8 hours or more. You can ask the photographer ahead first if you plan to increase the number of pictures included in the album.

Next would be small wedding albums for parents. These albums won’t include a complete collection of the day, but they need to include family pictures and those of what they care the most: their children.

Last, but not least, are the big prints.

Some photographers offer to print the pictures in big prints that can be immediately hung in your living room or master bedroom. This is a good inclusion as it saves you the time of having to think about printing it separately and framing it again. Your photographer also knows which picture is best printed in large from the wedding photography Hertfordshire.

Time Saving Wedding Hacks

Go have a wedding scanner app installed.

wedding photographer Hertfordshire Wedding apps have overtaken the wedding industry and this is something that comes with a fairly good reason. After all, smartphones are virtually everywhere. Everyone has them and you can easily access everything right from your palms. It is the perfect solution to an otherwise time consuming and bulky alternative. Gone were the days wherein you have to have a scanner gun with you and spend hours and hours in the store just so that you will be able to get your wedding gift registry settled the right way. Most of the stores are online too so for as long as you have data access, you can even pick out your gifts right from the comforts of your own home.

Another alternative for something like this if you aren’t that much into gifts is the aspect of setting up a wedding photographer Hertfordshire fund instead. This way, your guests and the rest of your family can chip in and can contribute to your wedding photography costs which will help cushion the financial impact that this will have on your wedding budget. It is the perfect solution and brides have been taking advantage of this for the longest time running so don’t miss out on the opportunities.

Have a wedding specific email address.

Wedding correspondence can take up so much of your time and can turn out to be a tad bit too annoying most times. Having a separate email address that is created specifically for the purpose of wedding correspondence will help make things so much easier for you to manage somewhere in the process. You will be able to sign up to wedding photographer Hertfordshire newsletters and the like without the risk of spamming your main email for it once the wedding is done and over with. You can use it all throughout the time that you are setting up the wedding plans and then forget about it the moment that you are done with the wedding.

Number the RSVP cards.

This is one of the common pet peeves that brides in general have and something that you should more or less be aware of. Not all people or not all of your guests for the wedding will be keen on having their penmanship on point or anything like that and this is the main reason why numbering your RSVP cards will give you ease of access into who is replying or who is returning the RSVP cards so far. Another option would be for you to go down the electronic route so that everything has a footprint and so that you can easily track who the responses are coming from so far.

Break in your wedding shoes.

New shoes can be painful and imagine if you would have to walk around them all day in heels, no less. Break them in ahead of time so that you can walk around comfortably and enjoy your wedding day. For wedding photographer Hertfordshire shots of great bridal shoes, go visit Photography by Adelphos.