When Booking A Photo Booth

Determine the kind of photo booth that you are getting.

photo booth hireThere are basically two types of photo booths to take into account. The first one is traditional wherein it has all of the enclosures and curtains and basically privacy that it can afford to your guests along with the rest of all of the other people who will be attending your event. This is actually the most ideal of all of the other photo booths that you have in your list of options. The enclosures will allow the guests to be as goofy as they would like to be without feeling embarrassed and without feeling uncomfortable about the thought of other people looking at them. This is what you need to look forward to as much as you possibly can. Another possibility you have on your hands is a kiosk style photo booth. This one provides less privacy and is lighter and a lot more options in terms of design.

Go for a kiosk style photo booth that offers out a green screen.

For as long as you have a green screen, the truth is that you can do anything and everything. Everything that is possible to be designed and altered digitally is doable with a green screen so keep that in mind especially when you are thinking about customizing your photo strips and the backdrops taken during the photo booth hire session. You can incorporate your logo along with any other type of marketing and branding options that you would like to include in your photo booth hire. A kiosk style photo booth, although flexible, should cost far less than the average traditional style photo booth. Figure out what the average cost ranges are ahead of time so that you know whether someone is trying to overcharge you for his services or whether he is offering out a great price.

Egress and ingress is extremely important.

You need to know what time your photo booth hire is coming in, how long they are staying, and what time they are exiting. It is important that the number of hours is sufficient enough for your guests to actually enjoy the service in the first place. If you have a large guest list, then you might need to add on to the standard 3 hours or so of photo booth service. The more you pay attention to this, the more your guests are bound to get the most out of this feature so get this figured out ahead of time and talk to the attendants. Have this feature included in the contract as much as possible so that there can be no room whatsoever for misunderstandings or anything like that.

Position the actual photo booth strategically.

The photo booth hire needs to be somewhere that gets the most amount of foot traffic. Outside the main entrance is usually the preferable location so try to get this checked out and perhaps talk to the wedding venue operators as well if you can get this taken into account.