The Don’ts You Never Knew About Wedding Photography

wedding photographers PortsmouthFinding the right wedding photographers Portsmouth is important. Knowing how to deal with them will also impact the results of your wedding pictures. But what are the things that you might have been misinformed about? The Internet is full of advice and must-dos that are apparently sourced from non-professionals.

Before you piss your photographer off or regret your decision, read on to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Stop using shotlist

As many articles mention about using shotlist, it seems to be used abusively by many. Shotlist now means you write down all the detailed objects and people that have to be captured. Well, now, it’s just beyond the wrong thing to do.

Requests from clients are hard to reject. Especially when photographers don’t want to seem like they don’t care or risk it, but simply want the best for them without trying to look offensive. A shotlist that contains such a long bullet list of what to shoot isn’t a good thing.

Photographer has to remain focused on their job and shouldn’t be bothered with trying to check on his list every now and then. It’ll distract them when they have to shoot on the go because the party goes on around them. They are also experienced and professional photographers who have memorized the things they need to shoot without having it to be listed on a piece of paper.

The cheap photographer will do

Wedding photography is a job that requires high specialty. One is entrusted not just to take the pictures, but to also edit, choose, arrange and deliver wedding albums to clients. says that the job of wedding photographers Portsmouth is hard labor. You’ll have sleepless nights sometimes because you have to edit hard to reach the due date.

Any cheap photographer will still be able to take pictures. But, you know that you’re getting what you paid for; you cannot expect for all of them to be decent. Some photographers just don’t have that editing skills and we can’t give you a number to rely on. You know when you look at them if they’re professionals, or simply businessmen.

Don’t wait to look

Wedding photographers won’t wait for you to book them. A lot of other couples are also looking for the right photographer and you don’t want to run out of professionals. Book as early as one to two years ahead, as that’s also what others do.

When you and partner have already committed to the date of the wedding, you can already start looking for your photographer. There’s also the possibility that you might want to hire someone outside the town. If that’s the case, dealing with it earlier will give you more time to think and decide on your photographer.

Remember that wedding photographers Portsmouth will only do their best if their clients can support and believe them too. There are a lot of reasons why one can end up disappointed and that’s to be expected. Hiring a cheap photographer and not planning it early are just two factors that can cause this. There are still many more, but these three are the most important factors to be reminded of.

What To Avoid As A Bride

Don’t rule out the need for a wedding planner.

wedding photographers from PortsmouthThe need for wedding photographers from Portsmouth isn’t the only need to that you need to take note of or take into account at any point in time when you have a wedding that you need to plan out and take care of. You are also going to have a need for a wedding planner one way or the other. You need to understand that although this may cost a little bit of money on your end and although this can in turn, stretch your budget out a bit far more than you are willing to go ahead and do so, you might need to book one regardless. You need to understand the importance of what a wedding planner will be able to bring to the table at the end of the day. A wedding planner has a lot of contacts that he or she can tap into for costs that are far less compared to what they would normally charge people that they don’t have any kind of history working with. More than that, a wedding planner will turn out to take a lot of costs or expenses off of your plate. You have less things to worry about when you know for sure that you have a professional wedding planner taking care of things for you when it all comes down to it.

Avoid being too strict with social media.

Social media is a platform that is not only mean to share content but mostly pictures as well. Although it is quite understandable for you to have a bit of a gag order during the day of the wedding itself, it wouldn’t make sense for you to continue to forbid your guests from posting on their own social media accounts long after the wedding has come to place. You should at least give them a little bit of freedom to play around and to post and share photos of your wedding day to the rest of the world. Don’t be too much of a bridezilla when you are handling the guests of your wedding day. They are there as guests, after all, not as subjects. Of course, you should still cherish and treasure the photos that your wedding photographers from Portsmouth deliver to you but you should also allow your friends and family members or relatives to have the freedom to check your wedding photos in on social media.

Don’t fall into the wrong cycle of crash dieting.

If you would like to look fitter and leaner during the day of the wedding, then you need to start early as much as possible. Start eating healthier foods. Cut the sugar and stop drinking sodas, and other sugary drinks. A little bit goes a long way and this can really positively affect the kind of outfit you have for the wedding day.

You will be wasting money because this means that you will be spending for a lot of excess hours not just for your wedding photographers from Portsmouth but for the other vendors as well. Be strategic and plan things out accordingly.