Aesthetic and Candid: Styles of Wedding Photography

wedding photographer South WalesThis time, we’d like to introduce our readers to the various styles of wedding photography. While photography has branched to a lot of style and technique of editing, there is only a few that customers who booked wedding photography loved. These are also styles that you’ll frequently encounter when searching for wedding photographers South Wales.

Whether it’s colorful, aesthetic, or simple candid black & white, we ought to know what those are and why they matter. It will help to lead us in finding the right person for the job.

Candid, black and white

This seems to be a common theme in wedding photography and we can’t explain why we like it. Although some of us can feel it already. That’s right, this is a very timeless theme and due to the fact that there is no color present, aesthetically beautiful isn’t the forte of this style.

It’s often used in reportage, which is originally something that photographers first emerged to do. To take proofs of historical events, to report and document them for the future to see. That is also what couples have in mind when they hire a photographer, to get enough pictures of that day to be kept for themselves and their future generations to see.

Yet, you shouldn’t easily conclude that reportage can only be done with candid, black and white technique. It’s not about the appearance of the picture, but rather how the pictures and the story is presented.

Natural wedding photography

This is quite a simple style. It originally means that those pictures are taken without obstructing and or faking the condition. As it says, the pictures are taken naturally as you and your partner walk through the park or the aisle. Kate Adams is one of the wedding photographers South Wales who does this and you can see aesthetic works of hers at

This is actually the quality of a must-have picture your photographer has. If he cannot take pictures without trying to look like he’s forcing the people in there to smile, there’s no point of even know more about him. Natural is a must and Kate Adams does it the best because even the posed pictures looked so natural. It’s one of the hardest feats to beat and she did it.

Fine art photography

This is a rather newcomer, but fine art can be easily definite as those that view the aesthetic value of a picture. The photographer will focus on the beauty of the picture and will direct you to achieve that. It’s easier to achieve through formal and posed pictures, such as the ones you will be taking around the wedding venue.

The original fine art doesn’t look ‘pretty’, but rather visually satisfying for the photographer. But in the world of wedding photography, wedding photographers South Wales refer fine art as the way to capture the beauty of the moment, where the beauty is in the eye of you, the ones who will be receiving the pictures.

Kate Adams style is also similar to fine art as you can see how the color palette she chose were very vibrant and satisfying to see. They looked awfully stunning and beautiful enough to be used as a wallpaper.