Preparing for Wedding Photography: Bright and Dark

wedding photographer CheshireFor a photographer, lighting is one of the biggest factors that will determine the result of the picture. Heck, it can be said as the most important one because without light, there’ll be no shape, no colors, and nothing will be produced. Understanding how to use light to capture the pictures that you want is important

Yet, as a wedding photographer Cheshire, it’s not a factor that you can often alter. Depending on the weather conditions and wedding venue, you’ll have to make do with what you have. What, then, can you do about it?

Bring lighting equipment

Flash is the most obvious thing that comes to mind if you need to light things up. It’s also important even in the brightest condition to counter shadows that become clearer. Depending on the situation, you can use flash in a lot of ways and it’ll be great to also always have a flash diffuser.

The intensity of flash can be reduced with a diffuser, which will create just enough light on the subject, but not too bright to create a black hole in it. You will also need a secondary lighting equipment, such as a speedlight or a video light. Both do good in lighting up a big space from a different direction. Buying ones that turn on the moment you push the shutter is also a good idea.


Reflectors are great equipment to use as it allows you to preserve natural lighting without having to flash on your subject. Depending on the material of reflectors, you can create a shiny, or soft reflection on the skin of your subjects. Learn to choose the right colors in the right condition against different skin tones. mentions that the use of reflectors is always better than flash during his work as a wedding photographer Cheshire. Even though sometimes, he has to use both of them when shadows are really bad.

Complete shadow

It’ll be bad if the shadow is only cast on small parts of the body, such as under the eye and several creases on the dress and tuxedo. But, during golden hours, the shadow becomes overwhelmingly beautiful. There’s no need to try to go against the shadow; capture everything in their darkest pleasure. Shoot several silhouette pictures of the time.

Make sure that the shadow is really dark and black and focus on the light behind, not on the subject. This will let the camera think that there’s too much light and that it has to darken the overall picture.

Find natural, artificial lighting

Street lamps are a good example. If your lighting kit isn’t enough to brighten things up, look for sources of light from the outdoors. Make use of them and at times, you don’t have to try hard to create some clear pictures, but rather just shoot with it.

Shooting indoor is also another thing you can do. If the outside gets too dark and you’ve taken enough pictures, move in to have more taken. You don’t have to think that the couples ‘want a lot of pictures with their faces in it’. The hired you because they ‘want beautiful pictures of their wedding day taken in the style of their wedding photographer Cheshire’.

Ways To Have An Efficient Wedding Photography Coverage

Get your wedding planner and your wedding photographer Cheshire to meet up before the day of the wedding.

wedding photographer CheshireHiring a wedding planner in the first place is a steal all in itself because of the fact that you wouldn’t have to worry too much about getting your wedding photographer coordinated with the events of the day. More often than not, your wedding planner will have everything down pat and can give out directions to your wedding photographer and perhaps even organize the lengthy formal shots for your photographer on your behalf. This is something that will end up taking a lot off of your plate when it all comes down to it and this is the type of thing that you can really see or follow through with when you are planning your wedding out. You have to understand that wedding photography is a technical craft. Your wedding photographer will need details and will need to confirm certain things with you somewhere along the way. it will be so much better if you can get your wedding planner to cut through the process and to help enact things for you on your behalf when it all comes down to it.

Invite your wedding photographer to any rehearsal parties or event that you may have planned out before the wedding date.

It tends to help out a lot when your photographer is well acquainted with the family members as well as with the rest of your inner wedding party circle. It is challenging enough to shoot a wedding but it will even be more so if your wedding photographer doesn’t know anybody and if he turns out to be a complete stranger to people who will be attending your wedding. More than that, it will help your wedding photos come out a little better because your guests will not be uncomfortable with the thought of getting a stranger to aim a camera at them at certain points or moments during the wedding day.

Make sure that your wedding photographer knows your wedding program by heart.

This is so that he will be able to anticipate all of the moments and happenings during the day of the wedding and in turn, produce far better wedding photos somewhere in the process. Get the program of the wedding day printed out for him if you have to. Make sure that he is updated with any changes and with anything that goes on during the wedding day so that he will be ready to go ahead and document the moments as the wedding goes along.

Don’t skimp on the fees that you are paying out to your wedding photographer when it all comes down to it.

If you would like to make sure that you are getting professional looking wedding photos at the end of the day, then you can. Go with someone whose name and previous works you can really trust and bank on at the end of the day. Check out the works of wedding photographer Cheshire SMH Photography.