What Really Matters in Getting Your Wedding Photographer

female wedding photographerWe’ve gone through so many guides and so-called expert articles on choosing your photographer. Yet, we saw that many of them did not discuss several things that we unconsciously made decisions of! Things like, whether we should choose a male over a female wedding photographer, for example. Because of that, we want to make a quick but also concise article on choosing your photographer.


There are people talking about what camera series are better and why they are great. If you love cameras, these articles can be interesting to read. But if you have no idea of it and simply want to know if the photographer has got the right equipment, this is not the way to do it. There are portfolios to look at and the quality of those pictures explain everything you need to know.

Knowing the series of the camera that your photographer use is not going to help you make the decision. Whether it is Canon or Nikon, it is really up to the photographer’s comfort and favorite shooting style. It is better to judge from the results or the pictures that they show you as there is also their editing skills to consider.


Having experience in the photography surely helps. However, it doesn’t help to know that they have, say worked as a commercial photographer 10 years ago for 5 years before becoming a wedding photographer. The experience that you want to know is their exact experience as a photographer. It shows that they know the ways and tricks around wedding photography, making them more reliable.

Are Males better?

A lot of people subconsciously think that male wedding photographers are always better. You may think about this without realizing it! For example, when you reach several sites at once, you might prioritize reading the male ones and the females. Well, a female wedding photographer like www.joannebphotography.co.uk can be a professional as well!

You might be shutting yourself to the chances that they are better photographers for you like this. This is why we remind you about this, not for the sake of equality, but for your sake. A female photographer has no weaknesses except that they cannot carry all their equipment alone. But quality wise, they can be amazing and even better than you imagine.


Many photographers would love to complain about how their clients are giving unusual and troublesome instructions. They know that their clients just want the best and don’t want to miss anything. But on the other hand, having a long list of the things they are supposed to shoot will not help at all. It distracts them as they have to keep that list with them.

Photographers want to be effective and being completely entrusted the job is the best way to do it. Clients can give support when the photographers need them. A professional female wedding photographer, for example, will tell you when she needs help with taking the equipment. She will also tell you if the time is not enough and how to make it with the time you have.

A Smart Guide to Find the Best Wedding Photographer

best wedding photographerA wedding occasion is an event that cannot be completed without photographs. The photographs are considered to be the primary reason why people dress up to the nines in preparation for a wedding. Regardless of how you consider it, photography definitely plays and important role in attaining perfection for any ceremony.

All over the world, you are bound to come across several skilled wedding photographers but to get the best kind, there are certain things that have to be kept in mind so as to avoid going for the wrong one. The following is a short guide to getting the best wedding photographer to cover your outdoor or indoor event:

  • Check the web for photography services:

Relevant information regarding finding the best wedding photographers can be gotten on the internet. Spending at most 2 hours simply surfing the internet is enough to get all the necessary details on how to identify a qualified wedding photographer. There are even long list sites that provide the names of reputable wedding photographers in the industry alongside their years of experience and work portfolio. The net can also provide the contact information for the photographers and you can go about setting up a formal meet. http://www.juliaandyou.com/ is one photography service that can be found on the web.

  • Ask the wedding vendors

the thing about the wedding industry is that you have a lot of professionals occupying different niches from the wedding planner, wedding florist, wedding decorator etc. These individuals are likely to have been in the industry for a while and they might have sought the services of one another. As a result, they are bound to know the best wedding photographers due to having been in the industry for a while.

  • Photography schools

Another place to seek for the services of a wedding photographer especially if you find the act of researching the net difficult is by going directly to photography schools were the art itself is being taught. They can offer you a list of good wedding photographers to handle your event. The good thing about this is that the list of photographers you will be given have most likely been vetted and you are going to get someone who is equipped with the right exposure and training.

  • The local magazines and newspapers:

The last option on this list is to locate the names of popular photographers in your locale and this can be through the aid of newspaper advertisements or the publishing of wedding coverage on the local magazine. Although the chance of getting the photographers advertised might not be high due to the fact that most of them might be fully booked for months on end, there are still a few professionals who publish their works through this medium so get their contact information and reach out to them.

It is important that you do not end up wasting both your time and money on the wrong class of wedding photographer. There is nothing that can be taken back once the event is at an end and you definitely cannot redo the wedding pictures if they turn out bad. Keep the above pointers in mind and you are definitely on the right path to hiring the right wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer Essex Helpful Tips

Do not rush through with your client discussion topics.

be an essex wedding photographerA wedding photographer Essex should know how to map things out the right way to his clients. The client discussion is something that you are going to seriously need to go ahead and take your time with. When you rush through something, you tend to forget some key factors somewhere along the way. You certainly can’t possibly cover everything that you need to cover if you rush your way through the client discussion. Take things a step at a time. Be as detailed as you possibly can. It tends to help out a lot if you list down your agenda for the client discussion meeting. Go through it point by point and tick things off as you go along. This way, you get to approach things systematically and you don’t end up forgetting about anything important while you are at it.

As a wedding photographer Essex, you need to get a shot list in order before the wedding day shoot.

When you have a shot list tucked tightly under your belt, you are setting yourself up for success right then and there. It can be very hard to forget about something that you have written in some priority list of sorts. Arrange an actual sit-down meeting with your clients so that you can go over the must-have shots that they need out of the wedding photo shoot. A lot of couples and their wedding photographers have had a falling out because of the issue of the missed shots. Make sure that you never get to find yourself in this particular kind of predicament when it all comes down to it. Get your shot list in order so that you and your clients have nothing to argue about by the end of the wedding photo shoot.

Learn how to keep your distance every once in a while.

Here’s the thing, not all people are all that fond about being photographed all of the time. As a matter of fact, it can be quite fair to say that people on average do not really like to be photographed all that much. If you want to be an essex wedding photographer, you have to make sure that you get to set out constant temperature checks every now and then just to see how you are doing. Once you notice people starting to get disinterested in seeing you taking photos of them all of the time, you might need to change up your strategy. Try to keep your distance. Move away from the subjects that you are shooting pictures of and opt to switch to a longer lens instead. This way, you still get to keep shooting closeup shoots without the discomfort of proximity while you are at it.

Try to get yourself acquainted with the inner wedding circle so that you have people to reach out to during the wedding.

When you get to know most of the entourage and close friends and relatives, it makes it easier to reach out to them during the wedding. You might need their help during instances wherein the bride might not be as available as you would like her to be.

Wedding Photographer Milton Keynes Advice That Really Helps

A wedding photographer Milton Keynes should never run out of basic supplies during a wedding.

photography equipmentBatteries and memory cards are crucial in getting a seamless photo coverage. These are things that you should never ever run out of because they can really impede you from following through on your duties as a wedding photographer. You will really have to stop in the middle of a photo shoot if you run out of these supplies. Extra camera batteries are not that expensive to come by with. You can actually buy spare DSLR camera batteries for roughly around $20 apiece. That’s a pretty good investment and that is something that will give you bang for every buck value for your money when it all comes down to it. Make sure that you get to fully charge your batteries a day before the shooting event. If you can set up a charging dock in the work station that has been allotted to you in the wedding venue, that would be even better because it means that you will get to recharge those batteries that do go out, ensuring that you will never have to go through the shoot running out of juice. As for your memory cards, you can never really have too many memory cards. They are lightweight and you can carry them around with you without too much trouble.

A wedding photographer Milton Keynes should not try too hard to please the guests during a wedding.

If it is time to say no, say no and don’t have second thoughts about it. The thing is, although you are there to take photos of the guests, you are not there to cater to their every single need, especially if those are needs that are not a part of your job description when it all comes down to it. One of the most common mistakes of new wedding photographers is the fact that they think that they will have to bend over backwards and really go out of their way to satisfy their clients even if it’s not really a requirement for them to do so but this is wrong. This is something that can put you at risk of being abused by abusive clients and you should protect yourself no matter what happens. If you think that the guests are getting a little bit too rowdy and they are already putting your gear at risk, you will be well within your rights to tell them so. Just make sure that you maintain professionalism all throughout the time that you are dealing with them.

Try to get out of people’s way if you can help it.

People should notice your presence as a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes less. You should be as invisible as much as you possibly can while you are shooting pictures of people. Minimize your flash usage if you can help it. Set your shutter settings to quiet so that you don’t end up calling attention to yourself every time you click the shutter button.

Basic Wedding Photographer Business Knowledge

As a wedding photographer, you will need to start from the very bottom before you get right to the top of your career.

wedding photography tipsYou won’t always get all of the best jobs or gigs at first and that is really quite okay. It will not always be easy at first but over time, you will be able to establish yourself as a professional wedding photographer more and more and you will be able to choose the projects that really suit you the most. You can’t afford to do something like that in the meantime though. This really isn’t the right time for you to be choosing projects. When you come to think about it, you are still virtually unknown as a wedding photographer and more than that, you have next to nothing in portfolio.

If you would like to be the kind of wedding photographer who books clients left and right, your name and your reputation should precede you. However, you will only be able to do that if you have worked really hard to establish your brand and your name in the industry as a professional wedding photographer. So when it all comes down to it, don’t be embarrassed if you start off with all of those little gigs and unglamorous events. Things will work out well for you in the future one way or the other.

The first few years of your career as a wedding photographer will hands down be one of the hardest and one of the most challenging experiences that you will ever get to face.

Make sure that you are able to establish some kind of support system comprised of friends, family members and fellow professional wedding photographers who will be able to help you really see things through. You need people who will be there to see you through the tough times. There will be a lot of moments wherein you will feel like giving up because the challenge up ahead is just too tough and you are more than tempted to quit. Getting the right people to cheer you on and to continuously motivate you may just be the few missing elements that will push you out of your predicament and make sure that you are able to come out renewed and revitalized more than ever as a Cambridge wedding photographer.

Building up a career and a business out of your desire to be a wedding photographer can be a tough one.

Even if you have been playing around with photography as a hobby and even if you have been attending photography workshops and classes every now and then, there will still be a lot of other things that you will need to learn about or that you will find lacking on your end. Be patient with yourself and don’t make the all too common mistake of pressuring yourself. At the end of the day, it will really take a lot of time before you will become a master of your craft as a wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you are able to pace yourself at first. Have a little more faith in yourself and in what you can do as a wedding photographer. You will eventually get to where you would like to be.

Great Tools In Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsGet two or more cameras for the wedding photography project that you are shooting.

Most of the wedding photographers who are just starting out in the business have had photography as their hobby for quite a while now before they decided to make a career or a business out of it so there is a pretty good chance that you already have a working high quality camera in your possession. What most of them do not realize though is that they will need a second and sometimes possibly a third camera as well when they are booking weddings in full swing. A lot of things can happen to your camera and you will need to make sure that you are prepared for any possible contingencies one way or the other. Getting at least a second camera will help assure you that you at least have something to serve as backup in case something happens. It serves as a pretty good insurance at the end of the day. If you don’t have the money to buy one for yourself yet, there are a lot of people that you can borrow it from. Get in touch with your fellow essex wedding photographer and borrow it for the wedding.

Get a whole army of memory cards and batteries.

Running out of memory space as well as batteries is something that is completely avoidable. This is why it is a bit unforgivable if you run out of either. Make sure that you pack in about twice or about thrice the memory space that you think you will need. The same thing goes for the camera batteries that you bring along with you during the wedding photo shoot. You need to make sure that you are able to keep your memory cards in the best possible shape by wiping them clean all of the time and by storing them in hard case containers. As for your batteries, make sure that they are always fully charged and ready to do. Weddings last several hours on average. The last think you want to do is run out of juice.

Get a tripod and some lighting stands.

You also need to prepare for any possible low light settings. They are quite common in wedding photography. Invest in a high quality tripod and a couple of lighting stands or so for instances like these. The tripod will help stabilize the camera and make sure that any vibrations are minimized when you are shooting in tricky lighting situations. The lighting stands will serve as your artificial light if you find yourself in a situation where natural light just will not suffice to give you the kind or amount of illumination that you will need in order for you to take great looking pictures.

Get different kinds of lenses for the wedding photography shoot.

You also need a variety of lenses. What it usually recommended is that you get a telephoto lens for your close up shots and that you get a wide angle lens for all of your group shots and architectural shots. If you can’t afford to get both just yet, a medium zoom lens is a good enough midrange option for the time being.

Get In Business As A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerFind a photography course that will suit you.

Your first plan of action should be for you to improve your skills as a wedding photographer. You should never stop learning and never stop in adding on to what you may already know. Enrolling yourself in a photography course is the best way for you to top up your skill set. This can be a bit of a challenge to have to tackle though because enrolling in a photography course costs money. They border more on the expensive side of things and unless you have a lot of money just lying around and waiting for you to play with it, then you should be very careful with the photography course that you go for. Look for something that endorses the kind of style or technique that you would like to learn or develop. It helps if you look into the background of the teacher who will be doing the classes as well. You will want to have someone who is from the same field, a fellow wedding photographer. You want a schedule that fits yours with no trouble whatsoever. Lastly, you want something that you can afford or something that is within your price range. Save up for it and plan ahead for it and do not make any rash decisions because it can turn into a money drain really fast the moment you don’t think things through.

Get someone to mentor you, preferably more successful and a more established wedding photographer.

Your first few years as a wedding photographer will be your shakiest. You will need all of the help that you can get. Finding a mentor to take you under his wing and to tutor you and walk you through the entire experience will really help you out a lot. Look for someone who is from your area so that you will not have to spend money on travelling to meet him. You will have to meet at last once a month. Hands on training is very important. Do not be oversensitive. Keep your ears and your mind open. Learn as much as you can from that mentor. Bring your finished projects with you and listen to what he has to say. Criticism can only be constructive if you use it as such. Whatever you hear or learn, use it to improve on your craft.

You might not get a stable job just yet as a full time wedding photographer.

Be prepared for this. A lot of wedding photography jobs are freelance or project based. It is all a matter of building up your pipeline and of working on your marketing to make sure that you do not have to wait around for the next booked client all too long. The more appropriate term for the setup is actually “contractual”. You will be very lucky if you do find an actual offer but if not, do not take it personally.

Be willing to start at the bottom.

That is the only way for you to be able to get to the top, after all. Get as much projects as you can, whether it is in wedding photography or not. Any sort of experience will help your cause.