How Every Wedding Photographer Should Blog

Work on your vendor list in detail.

wedding photography tipsThis is something that should be up in the arsenal of every wedding photographer. Do not pass up on the opportunity to really expound on your vendor list for the blog that you should be writing up. When it all comes down to it, you will need every little bit of chance or opportunity to market yourself and your career as a wedding photographer chesire. Make your rounds during the wedding event and get in touch with the different service providers from the caterers to the florists to the tailors and so on and so forth. This is the perfect chance for you to network and to expand your social circles in the best way possible. Get all of the contact info set in place and list it down at the bottom of your blog with the live links leading to their blog sites or websites. Send out an email blast to them to let them know that you have taken the initiative to feature them in your blog. They will circle back and bestow the same kind of favor to you so this is something that you should really spend time to do one way or the other.

Study the image layout of the blog and approach things as a wedding photographer first and foremost.

The image layout is quite crucial to the success of the blog and it is something that you should prioritize above everything else. Take a piece from the rest of the other professional wedding photography blogs and magazines out there. There is a certain strategy for laying the images out at some point or so. You can’t post all of the images all at one and all at the same size. There are some photos that deserve to be full blown while there are others that do not really deserve as much and that is something that you need to get down and get out of the way once and for all.

Tag your images so that it will be easier for potential clients to pull up.

This sounds like a lot of work and reality of all that is that it actually is the truth. It does require a certain sense of diligence to work things out and to tag all of the little photos individually every single time but you will soon see that all of this hard work will pay off because then, you will be getting far more traffic to your website than you could ever possibly think and this is something that you should be able to capitalize on no matter what happens.

Learn how to write like a wedding photographer, no matter how you might initially feel about it.

Writing should be a part of the list of skills that every wedding photographer who maintains a blog should have. It might require some kind of training or practice but you can actually work things out as much as possible. Build your content up slowly and don’t rush through the process.