Wedding Photography For Beginners

Pay attention the add-ons that are usually found in the bride’s wedding dress.

wedding photography tipsIf she has added Swarovski crystals on the bodice of the gown or a flowing train, then there is a pretty good chance that she deliberately added them in because they add details and add overall value to how the wedding dress looks like. Make sure that you are able to make a quick assessment about the details that really matter a lot to the wedding dress and make sure that you are able to document them right during the wedding photography shoot. You have to keep in mind of the fact that most of the brides out there spent months and months trying to find the most perfect design for their wedding dress or trying to find the most perfect wedding dress off the rack.

Whatever kind of dress it may turn out to be, they have spent a good deal of thinking and weighing in between before they finally decided to make their choice. This is something that you should respect and give a high regard to one way or the other. Make sure that you give the wedding dress the kind of attention that it deserves from a wedding photography perspective. Don’t just breeze by it while ignoring the details that the bride has obviously taken the time and the effort to include in her dress. Take the time to notice these details and to actually document them the right way in the wedding photography project that you are working on or trying to deliver to your clients.

Try out a black and white color scheme during the wedding photography shoot.

This sounds simple enough to follow through on but what you will eventually end up with are photos that look classy and artistic. Try to pick a section of the wedding event and opt to shoot that in black and white. Just keep it to a small number of pictures. You don’t want to end up shooting most of the wedding photo shoot sans color. Your clients will freak out of you pull off something like that in wedding photography. Just try to test the waters and see how things turn out. This trick or technique is something that can work well for portrait shots or for pictures of the wedding reception.

Shooting without a color will also get to minimize any skin blemishes or any breakouts that the subjects of your photos may currently be having. Suffice it to say, it works miraculously when it comes to hiding any obvious flaws on the face or on the skin so try to keep this in mind the next time you are trying to take pictures of someone with a particularly bad pimple breakout. Try it out with both a colored take and a black and white take so that you will be able to go ahead and easily see the difference and make the comparisons that you need to make at the end of the day.